Square Peg ● Round Hole







Remember your first day in high school or maybe it was waiting to be picked for that unforgettable game of kickball. That uncomfortable feeling of not being worthy or enough.  Does my hair look okay?  Will they like me?   I am watching my youngest walk through those emotions of uncertainty with his entrance into high school.   While boys and girls are obviously a different breed, the anxiety is the same.  

Trying to figure out where we fit in runs deep throughout our life.  It doesn’t matter the situation, it is the navigating through hills and valleys that causes us to pause.  What is it that makes us uncomfortable in new situations?  For me, it is merely wanting to be accepted exactly the way that I am.   Even now, older and somewhat wiser, I still can feel the uncertainty.  The difference today is that I a tad bit more secure in my own skin.  I am not as concerned about what others think or feel about me, but on some level, there is a twinge of self-doubt.   

So, as I maneuver through new territory, I am mindful of only one position.  That is the position within myself.   Knowing that as long as I am comfortable with who I am, then the rest will fall into place.