Square Peg ● Round Hole







“When the student is ready, the teacher appears,” is the perfect reminder for me that opportunities appear when I my heart is open.   Sometimes, it is a situation that brings me to my knees other times it is a simple nudge that leads me to a solution.  In any case, I have to be willing.

Never did I realize as a parent, that I would not just teach my children, but they would teach me as well.   They eye-opening experiences are at my disposal, IF, I am open to them.  Even in the midst of what I consider a learning opportunity, the tables are often turned and I am the one on the receiving end.   I will never forget when my youngest, Bryce, taught me one of the biggest lessons.  He was in the midst of preparing something in the kitchen, and I offered him a way to do it that I believed to be easier than his way.   He told me to allow him to try his way first and if it didn’t work, then he would try it my way.   I was annoyed at first, but then gradually became aware of how we all do things differently.  His way may work out better than mine.   Indeed it did….this time.

Then there are the instances where I am the teacher educating others in regards to Down syndrome.  Constantly sharing about how amazing my life with Bailey is despite some obstacles. Sometimes people are willing to be educated and sometimes they close themselves off, but in the end, I have fulfilled my mission of being the voice of information.   It is a constant balancing act of learning and teaching.  My readiness is at full throttle.  The more I learn, the greater my capacity I have for growth.