Square Peg ● Round Hole







There are only a few people in my life who know of the struggle I have had with Fibromyalgia.  It is a painful sometimes debilitating autoimmune disease.  I was diagnosed over 10 years ago after I had weeks of unexplained symptoms.    Clothing was almost unbearable as my nerve endings felt like knives.   When my doctor diagnosed me, I was uneducated in regards to what it entailed.   I wasn’t expecting the lack of concern when I shared this with people.  The usual response was that doctors label patients with Fibromyalgia when they can’t find anything wrong with them.   So, I started to just suffer in silence.   The medication I started to take gave me some relief, but it was a struggle and still is on some days, to get out of bed.  

Today, I am confident that this was not just a label, but an illness that has become a part of who I am.  It doesn’t define me, but it forces me to really focus on my self-care.   I am gentle with myself in every capacity.   When I have a flare up, it is usually manifested from stress.   Fibromyalgia is like my own built in radar.    Grateful, too that I can embrace this small dose of inconvenience and still live my life with a willingness to not give in to the pain.  Fibromyalgia doesn’t own me.  I am a firm believer that our own thoughts create our outcome, so if I am positive and proactive, then my disease doesn’t take over my life.    It is all a process that I am still navigating.