Square Peg ● Round Hole







No matter how hard I try, sometimes past issues creep into my present being.   It is an something that I am aware of and striving to correct.   Let’s be real.   I am human, so it is natural for me to delve into the past especially when there is a trigger.    I am surrounded by triggers.  Those little sparks that make me uncomfortable, fearful, or uneasy.   Sometimes, those are worth paying attention to especially when dealing with others.   My gut is an excellent radar.  However, there are other situations that warrant a look at oneself.

It’s hard, at times, to differentiate.    For me, since I am visual, putting the feelings and situations in writing gives me a fresh perspective.  It allows me to separate a gut instinct from a long standing resentment.   There are those occasions where I am at a lose for these feelings, so I have to learn how to be comfortable with being uncomfortable.  Not an easy task, to say the least, but it is an opportunity.  An opportunity to learn and grow.

Right now, I am sitting with some uncomfortable feeling while sorting out a situation.    It makes me feel vulnerable, fearful, and raises trust issues.   I have chosen to detach for now.  Pausing allows me the dignity to just feel.    For now, I will pray, journal, and meditate while I soak in my pool of emotions.   I always have to remember, what I resist will persist.    Today, it is all about easy does it.