Square Peg ● Round Hole







I grew up having an opinion on everything. Most of the time, it was on subjects that I knew nothing about, but still wanted to have an opinion. As an imperfect human, I am prone to having opinions. Fo the most part, I keep them to myself. What I have learned is that if no one has asked for it, then they don’t want it. If I give an unsolicited opinion, then I am effectively criticizing. You see, I seem to think I know what’s best for everyone.

So, in every facet of my life, I chant the mantra of having no opinion on outside issues. That doesn’t mean I no longer have an opinion. It simply means, I don’t share it openly. Keeping the focus on myself has saved me from many, otherwise, awkward and difficult situations. I can’t change someone’s mind just because I think I know what is best. It is a respectful way of interacting with the human race. It allows me peace and it keeps my side of the street clean.

The reality is that I will always have opinions. There undoubtedly will be a situation to warrant said opinion, but it is what I do with that opinion that is pivotal in evolving into the kind of person that I want to be. Grateful, that I am willing to learn to listen and being open to others thoughts instead of only swimming in my own.