Square Peg ● Round Hole







I had the most amazing internship college working for Walt Disney World.  Picked from hundreds of college kids, I ventured to spend a semester working in the happiest place on earth.  Looks can be deceiving.   As I settled in to this magical environment, I became keenly aware that all the childhood memories were merely an illusion.   Characters played a part and while they were friendly and warm in front of our Disney guests, they had another side they shared behind close doors.  It was unfortunate, that Snow White smoke a pack a day or that Dopey was a borderline pedophile.    My perceptions were a tad off.

So, I compare life to my experience working at Disney.   We all have our perceptions of any given situation.  The illusions we create in our head, don’t always match the reality.  On any given day, I would try and grasp why my image didn’t match what really was going on, but then the switch flipped.  I began to have the awareness that my expectations, at any given moment, were unrealistic.   So, it is natural that I would be disappointed.     I expect a lot out of people, places, and things.   It can rule me.  Today, I look at things with my eyes wide open.    You can still be pleasantly surprised by the actions of those around you, but keep in mind that if you allow the fantasy to take shape, you will find yourself in a pool of despair over and over again.   When I visit Disney today, I chuckle at the images that I encountered and remind myself this is a fun fantasy and nothing more. My perception is distorted, but my life is not.