Square Peg ● Round Hole







We hear all about the trendy cleanse to rid our bodies of unwanted toxicity.   But, what about the emotional cleanse to rid our soul and heart of those feelings that clog up our well-being?    I have decided that I am on a quest to do an emotional cleanse.  It was pointed out to me that it is not just children who are victims of bullying, adults, too, succumb to the most subtle forms.   Are you in a relationship where the other party uses passive/aggressive techniques or underlying manipulation to either get their way or simply fill their own agenda?  I am.  I just had the awareness that there are a few of those relationships blocking my way to emotional serenity.  I have been a willing participant for years simply excusing the behavior, but I am kind of done with allowing others to infuse their toxic emotional immaturity on me.  It is very possible, that these individuals have no idea that their behavior is unacceptable as they have probably been accustomed to their ways for years.  With that being said, it still remains unacceptable…….for me.

Changing a dynamic of a relationship can be dicey, but I am realizing, with each step I take toward freeing myself, it becomes easier.  There are struggles in the process, of course, that involves a potpourri of emotions.  Similar to a death, I mourn the loss of what I had hoped the relationship would become and those good times that were experienced.  After all, the relationships were not all bad.    Am I innocent in my participation?  Of course, not.   I too had a part.  However, as I progress spiritually and emotionally, it is only natural that those relationships have outgrown their purpose.   They have allowed me to find a better me and with that I am thankful.  Each relationship serves a purpose, but if it dulls my shine, than it is time to move on and find those who help me sparkle.