Square Peg ● Round Hole







Like any diet, a plan is a must.  With my emotional cleanse, I do an inventory of my day to recount any missteps that have been taken.  This is not a way to berate myself, but rather to keep me accountable.     Just like any bad habit that one is trying to break, relearning healthy behaviors while dealing with toxicity is difficult.   The old behaviors can creep up.  These are tools that make us feel comfortable, safe, and protected.   By changing how I act, brings a sense of vulnerability to the table.   Uncomfortable, but not impossible.  It’s like buying a new set of tools and learning how to use them correctly.

 Another part of my cleansing ritual is to pray for the individuals that have engaged in these relationships with me.    I pray for their well-being.  Sometimes, if I am not feeling particularly loving toward said individual, I ask God to simply be with me as I pray for them.   I would love to say that praying for them makes it easier, but it doesn’t.    However, as my cleanse progresses, I am sure that the process with be more habitual instead of forced.

You also must surround yourself with good people.  Those who want only the best for you, love you unconditionally, and aren’t carrying around an agenda.  For instance, this morning I had breakfast with an excellent example of a supportive and nurturing friend.   She is a cheerleader.  Always encouraging me and willing to accept my quirkiness.  By starting my day with her, I feel empowered to tackle those relationships that lack those qualities.  It is all about finding the sparkle again after having my shine dulled.