Square Peg ● Round Hole







My sister posted on Facebook recently, her name definition that she found in the Urban Dictionary.  It was funny because her name is very unusual, so I was surprised it was in there.  On this rainy Sunday morning, I decided to peruse my name and see if the definitions were even close to how I would describe myself.   I am not sure about the rest of the world, but seeing what others think your names represents can be a little intimidating.    The word Allison means “of noble sort” or “noble”.  It can also means “honest” or “true.” These definitions hardly seem to captivate the true person behind the name.  Allison, in most cases, is always kind and beautiful.  She’s a bit stubborn at times, but these little things are the things that make you enjoy her company, and the companionship even more.  Most people, upon meeting an Allison, immediately get a sense of awe and strive to get to know her better.  Allison is the smartest, most clever girl you shall meet and on top of this, her beauty is unmatched.  So, as I read this, I smiled.  It continues on by saying, yes there are bad Allisons, but they just turned out that way over time.  They should probably get their name changed to something like….Tina or Sheena.     

If you were to ask me years ago, I would say that this definition was not even close.   I was untrustworthy and definitely not noble.   Relationships were more like paper towels.  I used what I needed and then they were discarded.  For me, that was my dis-ease with myself.     Today, as I learn to accept myself, see me as someone worthy of good relationships, and, yes, find love for myself, I can read that definition and smile.