Square Peg ● Round Hole







I will say, that this emotional cleanse, has really given me new insight to my being.    It has caused me to dig deep inside of myself to figure out what triggers my reactions.  This has allowed me to journal and meditate on what works and doesn’t work for me anymore.    It definitely is a balancing act, as I am human.   I will have those moments of clarity and then again, it might be a little murky perhaps even muddy.  

In a situation with one of my tool testers (I have a few, which keeps my tools sharp), I became aware of how easy it was for her to manipulate my behavior into a defensive reaction.   What is funny is that I allowed it.  It was almost like coming into war unarmed.  There is no way to walk around it.  You are going to get wounded or possibly die.  Now, I am being a little dramatic, however, her behavior can wound me, even devastate me, but only if I ALLOW it.   Fortunately, after our conversation, I regrouped by meditating and breathing.  Sometimes, I notice when I am upset, I don’t breath deeply.  For me, the breath is a radar for my emotional well-being.  Deep, cleansing breaths help my body recover from a stressful situation.

So fifteen minutes provided me the opportunity to let go of the encounter.  In the past, I would have replayed it over and over in my head which would have led up to my day being stolen.  I am the source for my happiness and by releasing those toxic feelings, I can lead a beautiful and happy life.   Sometimes, I am the obstacle that makes me stumble.