Square Peg ● Round Hole







The weekend has expired and our camping experience a mere memory.   While many would say that camping would never be on their agenda has never camped with a collective group of people who use that weekend to escape the complex problems of the world.  We step back into a simpler time where people engaged in human interaction.  That is not to say our electronic devices were not used….we aren’t barbarians, but we enjoyed our communal time while sitting around the blazing fire and watching our kids engage in the ritual of making s’mores.

My commitment level to camping can be compared to the long distance relationship of a friend. I enjoy seeing them once a year and am willing to travel to do so.  Others, have fully committed to a lifelong relationship, a marriage if you will,  where there are camping stoves and cookware to prove it.    Whatever commitment level we are on, we embrace the time.   Surrounded by a stunning landscape of trees, naturally made rock formations, and good company, the weekend allowed me to reflect on the bigger picture of my part in this vast world.

It can be challenging as I traveled with my son who has Down syndrome.  Hiking can be difficult with his low tone and balance issues especially on rough terrain.  With the help and support of our camping friends, he made it through with flying colors.  The awareness that I don’t have to do anything alone shined brightly. Sometimes I forget that I am supported and asking for help isn’t weak.  It is a sign of strength.  We are already planning our next adventure.  Camping is becoming a very promising friend.