Square Peg ● Round Hole







During this time on my emotional cleanse, I am reminded of a person who inspired me with his words and actions.   My Dad was a man who unselfishly provided unconditional love.  When I screwed up (and I did a lot of screwing up), he always had my back.Today would have been his 85th birthday, and while there is a part of my heart missing since his departure, I am mindful of his teachings.    He led by example.  He wasn’t perfect and he was open with his flaws.   I respected that as I didn’t feel I had to live up to any grand expectations.  It was a relationship built on sheer love.    Was he thrilled that I hated math?  No, as an engineer, math was his second language, but he enjoyed the other gifts that I brought to the table.

So, as I walk this uncomfortable path of shedding these toxic emotions,  I am comforted that my Dad is pleased with the journey I am on, the life I have created, and my quest for quality relationships that provide me with peace.   If I could only be as tolerant and forgiving as he was, then I would have fulfilled my wish to be more like him.  Until then, I will bask in his lessons and strive each day to gain that compassion that oozed from his heart.   Happy Birthday, Daddy!