Square Peg ● Round Hole







Like any diet or cleanse, if it is out of sight, it might not be completely out of mind, but it allows us not to be tempted.  In my case,  with my emotional cleanse, if the relationships aren’t dangling in front of me, I am generally content and aren’t dwelling on them.  So, when I am put in a situation that warrants interaction, I prepare by writing down all the the feelings that are triggered when I come in contact with these individuals.    What I know is that people are people.  They are not that powerful.   

When I started my “cleanse”, I was striving to avoid them by changing my routine and the people I interact with, but what I found is, that really isn’t helping me change my dynamic.  It is simply hiding.  Hiding and not acknowledging that these individuals circulate in my life whether we have a relationship or not.    So, in order for me to experience growth and learn, I must embrace those encounters.    The only person I would be hurting by avoidance is me because that means giving up the people that I do provide me with  healthy and gravitating relationships.     People are not that powerful.  My reminder is that by being out of sight isn’t the solution.