Square Peg ● Round Hole







We have all experienced it.  The feeling that we are left out of something or that someone doesn’t like us.  It is human nature to question even obsess.  I can’t presume to read anyone’s mind.  Personally, I have enough issues with the stuff in my own head.  Why would I want to swim in someone else’s bad neighborhood?

I encounter people all of the time worked up over nothing.  Why?  It is simply because they don’t have all the information before they jump to conclusions.  They react instead of pausing.   If I have learned anything, (it is a slow process, but eventually I do receive the clue), it is realizing that most things are not about me.  Being paranoid only makes me feel crazier than I already am and frankly, I have had too many years of that.

Today, I try not to get caught up in other people’s vortex of insanity.  Truly takes a lot of energy, but their drama is not my drama.     What is fun to watch is the moment it becomes apparent that all of that reaction, paranoia, and intense obsessive vanishes when it is revealed that none of the drama in their head is actually real.

Makes me want to take a nap after watching someone else spin. I am not willing to allow free occupancy in my thought process. There is enough cray cray in the world without my contribution.