Square Peg ● Round Hole







For the last couple of years, my family has ventured on several camping experiences.  We journey with two other families on these excursions adding to the fun.  Now, let’s be clear, my husband’s idea of camping would be a RV loaded with televisions.  To him, that is roughing it.  However, I encourage him to experience the full-on tent experience.

This weekend, my oldest, Bailey and I will continue the tradition.  Brian was let off the hook to accommodate our other son, Bryce’s hectic schedule.   Although, he loves the people we go with, he isn’t overly thrilled with the outdoors.  He doesn’t even like eating outside.  So odd.

Me, I love connecting with the outdoors.   The chill in the air on an autumn morning.  The hush of surrounding woods as night falls. The giggles of the kids around the camp fire. It is a reminder that I am just a small part of the big picture.

Camping is hard work, but amazingly relaxing.  It grounds me and allows me to appreciate good friends and God’s creativity. A successful adventure is summed up simply by engaging the right people.  My philosophy is if you can camp with people, then you can pretty much do anything with them.  Camping makes you vulnerable to a degree.  No hiding behind the walls of the security of your home or the screen of your computer.   However, there are two elements that cannot be forgotten….chocolate and adult beverages…and bacon.  Bacon makes everything better.