Square Peg ● Round Hole







If you are a guy reading this, step away.  This isn’t popular mechanics.  This is simply my code for the yearly checkup….Mammogram and Pelvic Exam.  Now that those pesky men are gone, let’s be real.   This morning I started my day with cold hands on the girls and cold tools in my special place.   The annual visit is downright degrading.

First, I am asked to step on the scale.   Wishing I could strip down to my birthday suit, I simply discard my shoes.  Up five pounds…….from this morning.   Epic fail.  Then the height.  I am always praying I haven’t shrunk to below 5 foot, since I am five foot.   I am holding strong to my 5 foot stature.  Epic success.

When my mechanic came in, aka the doctor, I suggested heated tables since I am virtually butt-naked and they have the A/C on while the outside temperature is a balmy 40 degrees.  We chit-chat which is awkward to say the least when you have someone up in your business.

While the process is unpleasant, I continue to go every year.  As is my pedicure, the annual visit is part of my self care.   I exhale whenever I leave.  Proud of myself for making the appointment, but even more pleased that I kept it.