Square Peg ● Round Hole







I laugh as I think about this morning.   Driving down the road after dropping off my youngest at school, I began a very profound conversation…….with myself.   I was reasoning out an issue that was discussed during a group meeting last night.  My conversation with myself was passionate and thought provoking.

For me, saying my thoughts aloud in a private setting provides me with a safe forum free of judgement and ridicule.  Some of my best ideas come from my one sided conversations.  We all do it.   Those of us that admit it, find solace in our own company.  It is a haven where thoughts become words and, in my case, generated an email sharing my newest revelation.

As a writer, I can sometimes need to vent out loud to help facilitate the words that will appear on paper.   It is a process that liberates me and expands my mind to make room for whatever else decides to inhabit it.

Yes, I look like a crazy person yapping away with no one around, and yes, it might appear nuts when I actually answer myself, but I can count on myself more than any other person.  That’s not crazy.