Square Peg ● Round Hole







We are all made up of collectible labels and memories that define us.  Or does it?   My life is a collection of experiences that build my life novel, but it doesn’t define me.

Having a child with special needs and swimming in a pool of a family illness called alcoholism, only gives me opportunities to navigate the waters of life.  I don’t wear a vest with buttons depicting every label put upon me.  It collaboratively makes up the person I represent, but it doesn’t define me.

When we allow labels to overcome our own entities, we become our own bumper sticker.   Life is too short for me to be a reflection of another’s life lesson or path.  For me, I am a puzzle with intricate pieces that fit comfortably together to form a unique individual.   What defines me is my open mind and heart.  With that, I am able become the person I had always dreamed of being and a whole lot more.

For years, I was defined by others, now I am free to experience my life without a label.