Square Peg ● Round Hole







We are inundated with a social media frenzy.  Everyone flaunts their successes, sometimes struggles, but it is almost as though lives are seen through rose colored glasses.  I watch, like a television show, people go through life in this manner.  Putting on a facade of smiles, while their lives are crumbling around them.

I am all about positive thinking.   However, there is positive thinking while you are dealing with a situation and then there is positive thinking with a dose of denial.  I prefer the first option.   Being in a state of denial robs me of the opportunity to feel.  When I can feel, I can heal.    Sounds like a simple nursery rhyme, but when it gets down to it, it is a hard process to uphold. Life is a constant opportunity to heal the wounds that hold us back from obtaining our dreams, purpose, or simple peace.  By embracing the place that I stand, I am giving myself permission to let go as well.

If this emotional cleanse has taught me anything, it is the freedom to acknowledge what works and what doesn’t in my journey of self-discovery.   Sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly, I am evolving.