Square Peg ● Round Hole







To find the humor in the darkest times is difficult, at best.   Sometimes the timing isn’t ideal, but it provides a little brightness in an otherwise difficult situation.   I remember when Bailey was born and we were confronted by his diagnosis of Down syndrome along with some other possible health issues.  I was numb from all the information, but I can chuckle about the next stage of our process……telling the family.   I will never forget the insanity that ensued.    My mother brought a picture of me and shoved it in the doctor’s face assuring her that Bailey looks like me, so he can’t possibly have this diagnosis.  Then my father-in-law tried to explain his rational that he, too, had a space between his big toe and second toe, so there is no way Bailey has Down syndrome.  Watching the circus from my vantage point, at the time, didn’t humor me, but as we got settled into our life with our special boy, we looked back and laughed.  In fact, we still do.

The way people deal with difficult news or situations if always different.   For me, I need to find something to laugh about in order to move forward.   Humor is healing.   My life has had a bounty of bumps in the road that, not only have taught me a great deal about my own strength, but the ability to laugh at myself.    Life isn’t perfect.  It wasn’t meant for weaklings.   Humor builds my emotional muscles, which in turn, lightens my load.