Square Peg ● Round Hole







Here is a heads up for those who roll your eyes or judge those parents, especially moms, who ooze over everything their kid does…stop being annoyed.  For me, I gush over my kids accomplishments because it started as a habit early on.  Having a child with special needs, we always were upbeat and full of pride over the tiniest accomplishments.  A subtle smile, the first word, or his first time sitting up, were all reasons for celebration as we waited for those moments for what felt like an eternity. I compare it to waiting for paint to dry.   Habits are hard to break.  Frankly, this is a habit I don’t want to break.

I was brought up in a family full of love, but my perception was they were a little disappointed in the package that they received. Maybe they had unrealistic expectations. I was the average student who didn’t quite stand out in any regard.  Now, I am not bashing anyone with this revelation, but I didn’t always feel like there was a level playing field.   I kind of looked at it as climbing Mt. Everest, so I gave up and ate a doughnut instead.

Both of my boys bring different gifts to the table.  That is what makes them unique and remarkable.    I brag on them both…constantly….to the nausea of those around me.  Maybe I overcompensate for what I felt was lacking when I was growing up or possibly, I am in such a habit of it, I do it without thinking.   Truthfully, I don’t think there is anything wrong with building up our kids. We live in a world that is so under the “social media” eye that our kids are getting more negative feedback than positive.  And, while I am being honest, my kids aren’t perfect.  They screw up and hopefully learn from it.  Every moment is a teachable one.

Here is another thought to ponder.   Make an effort to share with other parents when you witness their child doing something kind, wonderful, amazing, etc.  It is a validation, of sorts, that when we aren’t around, our kids aren’t complete asses.