Square Peg ● Round Hole







I am at a loss of words.  Once we approach Halloween, I get confused and have to look at my calendar to remind me the time of year again.  Oh, wait, it’s Halloween, right?  Or wait, Christmas?  Then, I think what happened to Thanksgiving.   Sometimes the world seems a bit on the edge.   Radio stations promoting Christmas music before Halloween while Christmas decorations pop up all over the place.   It is me?  Am I too rigid?

For me, I like to immerse myself in one holiday at a time.  I find it too overwhelming to be distracted by Christmas when Halloween hasn’t even occurred.  And again, where is Thanksgiving in the mix?  Oh, wait, Thanksgiving is the holiday where you practically treat the family meal as a drive-thru and go shopping for Christmas.

It makes me sad that our society has found this acceptable.  Perhaps this is exactly why I find the holidays exhausting.  I have kind of taken a time-out of sorts to regain the meaning of the holidays.   Our poor kids.  What kind of message are we sending?   I propose one holiday called Hallowistmas.   You can pretend you are someone else while opening dismal presents from people you would rather ignore.  Sound delightful.  The scary part is it might be more real than ever imagined.

Merry Hallowistmas!!!