Square Peg ● Round Hole







We have been inundated with guns at schools this week.  From a student being shot to a young man who made a bad decision by bringing one to my son’s high school.     I have been so smug in thinking because my kid goes to private school, this situation would never happen to us.   Yes, there was outrage, judgement, panic, and hostility toward the situations and those responsible, but that doesn’t help in finding a solution to why this is a growing epidemic.

The reality is that I don’t have all the information and to start blaming the parents, the world, or anyone else is futile.  I want to be apart of the solution not the growing problem of complainers.  For me, this opened up a line of communication with my boys.  The world isn’t full of rainbows and butterflies.  It is an ever-changing, scary place. I can’t live in fear that something is going to happen to my kids every time I drop them off at school, the mall, or anyplace that people gather.  It is unrealistic.    Being a parent during these times is a challenge, but my hope is that I can rise to the occasion.  Be an example to my kids.  I don’t have all the information about any of the situations that have occurred in the last few days. Judging, raging, and jumping to conclusions is a waste of energy.

I dropped my son off at school today.  The same school that had a young man who chose to bring a gun into the building.  I told him to have a great day and that I loved him.    As I drove home, there was no hesitation, no regret, and no fear.   We had a conversation.  The unfortunate situation that arose became a teachable moment.   That is the blessing.