Square Peg ● Round Hole







My column for the local newspaper features beautiful homes from our lovely city once a week.   It is a pleasurable job seeing all these innovative homes that are full of creative ideas.  I am often asked how I can do this job without feeling envious or jealous. Such a baffling inquiry as I have never felt envious of anyone’s home.  Sure there are inspirations that I would love to emulate, but never do I feel depressed or sad that it isn’t mine.

The reality is that I am content.  Happy with the life that I have created.  When one is filled with contentment, then it transfers to every part of your life.  To be envious means that something is missing.  It can’t be filled with things, but rather an inner completion of oneself.

Maybe it is growth or maturity, but I am content just being.   It is a softer, easier way to flow through life.