Square Peg ● Round Hole







In my life, I have experienced many miracles and blessings.  Many, of which, I was blind to.   Focused on my own feeling of grief and suffering, I missed those moments.   I remind people all of the time to look for the tiny miracles.  Even in the darkest times, blessings and miracles flourish.  They shower down unnoticed, but are paving a path for health and renewal.

I will admit that this type of thinking was foreign to me years ago.  Today, my perspective is different.  I no longer beg God for something different, I embrace the situation at hand.   I believe that situations, events, relationships, etc., don’t happen to me.  There isn’t a conspiracy of “bad” things occurring.  Instead, it is a symphony of opportunities that allow me to learn something.

Today, I have a different perspective.  While pain is hard, I rely on the knowledge that resistance is harder.   Miracles are all around, I just have to be present to reap the rewards.