Square Peg ● Round Hole







After much anxiety, I survived my weekend with my mother.  Like anything else, the thoughts in my head can create a chaotic scene overrun with unrealistic situations.   So, while there were some obstacles, I was able to use many tools to overcome the panic that enveloped me.

Here are some things that I learned.   One, sometimes I am my own worst nightmare.   It really is how I react to a situation that allows me to heal.  The other stuff is totally out of my control, which is a hard lesson for someone that use to “white knuckle” her way through life.

Second, when the emotional stress turns to physical ailments, that is a big, red flag.  This means that I am absorbing stuff that isn’t mine.    I need to resuscitate my ability to self care.  It isn’t realistic to expect others to meet my needs.

Third, I am fortunate enough to have an incredible team of supportive people.   People need people.  Although, I joke about not being a “people person” or that I “don’t like people”, my growth and evolution as a person depends on others.

I am a constant work in progress.  As long as there is breath in me, there will ALWAYS  be an opportunity for growth.