Square Peg ● Round Hole







Life is made up of small teachable moments.    The eye-rolls and heavy sighs are prevalent with both of my boys when they realize how giddy I am during those times.  More so with my youngest, Bryce, as his experiences are vastly different from his brother who has Down Syndrome.

In the last two weeks, there have been situations involving my youngest son that warrants a conversation.  I must say, that my thoughts dance in my head and there might be a sparkle in my eye when these moments occur.  Why, you ask?   Well, it comes down to sharing with both boys, my experience, strength and hope.  My experience that they provides information that might shed some insight on their situation, the strength to carry it out and the hope that this is a learning opportunity.

My mother was and still is quite reactionary.   So, my teachable moment was and still is, not to share anything with her that might make her anxious.   I strive to never put my boys in that predicament.   Creating a safe haven with no judgement is the goal for me.  Now, internally, I might have some reaction, but my tone is calm and my words are loving….most of the time.  I am human, after all.

Good or bad, we are privy to information thanks to the abundance of social media.  The good news is I don’t feel blindsided.  The bad news is sometimes the information is scary and makes me want to hide under the covers.  Nevertheless, it is vital that we serve as their tour guide.   I am aware that my words can fall on deaf ears, so I need to detach from the outcome of my teachable moments.

Last night when Bryce came home, he shared an incident where he felt that he had been wronged.   As I began to speak (smile on face and eyes twinkling), he sighed and said, “I guess this is one of your teachable moment.”   I responded, “Why, yes it is!”