Square Peg ● Round Hole







So, I have frequently been torn in several directions, which hardly boasts a manageable existence.   It is a painstaking act to stop and really look at the bigger picture called balance.   When I think of balance, I have a visual of me walking a tight rope.   I am unsteady.  My body wobbles from side to side just to keep centered.   That is life, folks.  The struggle to balance.

For me, the balancing act is all about saying no.  Just no.  There isn’t a long running explanation of why I can’t, I just say no.   Committing myself to every group that inquires for my help, use to be my way of fitting in or an opportunity to soothe my ego.  I am of service to an extent, but I have learn to make it more suitable.  Tailored to my specific needs, if you will.

Sometimes the best that I can do, is to be of service to me.  Making sure I eat well and get enough sleep, then I can extend that to others.   Life is a balancing act.  It requires one to look at the big picture and figure out what works for them.  Instead of a “yes” person, I allow myself to think before I act, which makes my answer more thoughtful than reactive.  Remembering “no” is a complete sentence is a wonderful reminder that I don’t owe anyone an explanation.