Square Peg ● Round Hole







As I look outside, trees are covered in snow while leaves still linger.   I love the four seasons and the transition in nature. Watching flowers bloom and gardens grow only to be whisked into a lullaby of falling leaves and cooler nights.   Anymore, my observations see that the one season has barely begun when the next season barrels its way in and robs us of a subtle change.

Life certainly entertains that notion as well.   The only constant in life is change.   Sometimes it is smooth.  Other times, it brings us an uncomfortable feeling.  All I know is that sometimes it feels rushed.  Change is an essential part of growth.  While the notion is scary and can be driven by fear, most of the time, it is simply an altering of our present state.   It can often give us an opportunity that we never could imagine.

We often adapt with ease while in the midst of our metamorphosis.  It can be a challenge, but only if resisted.  My belief is how colorless the world would be if change never happened.   How dull.  It would be as though life would be stagnant.   Although change can be unpleasant, the miracles that unfold despite turmoil, create new possibilities for us to experience.