Square Peg ● Round Hole







Aside from the large amounts of food, everyday, for me is Thanksgiving.  It is one of my practices to acknowledge my gratitude on a daily basis.   Gratitude, much like happiness, is an inside job.  With as fast as life proceeds, it is easy to fall into a pattern of not giving thanks.  While I appreciate the day of Thanksgiving with its historical elements of the first dinner, I am mindful of the fact that reserving my gratitude for just one day hinders my growth.

Noticing that God blesses me every moment of the day, makes me even more aware of the power that gratitude exudes.  To be thankful means to be grateful for everything, including the tough stuff.  The strength that you gain by expressing thanks is empowering.   For me, each day presents a chance to give thanks.  I am blessed beyond measure.

I challenge you to greet each day with an attitude of gratitude.  Start a gratitude journal.  For me, it is a visual reminder.   It is so easy to be beaten down by what you may consider a hardship.  In my experience, for every difficult situation, miracles thrive.  Gratitude turns what we have into more.  It is powerful enough to turn sadness into joy, a stranger into a friend, and denial into acceptance.   Be thankful now and always.