Square Peg ● Round Hole







I don’t get sick………ever…..until a few days ago.   I pride myself on an immune system comprised of steel that is protected by a strong will to avoid illness.    I was doing great until Friday night when my throat felt like I had swallowed shards of glass.  By Saturday, I was convinced I was on death’s door, which, by the way, I don’t have time for.  I dragged myself to one of those clinics only to discover that I had strep throat and a sinus infection.  Seriously?!?!?!

Fellow mothers, you get my gist of not having time to be sick.  I came home only to be promptly escorted to bed and told everything would be taken care of.   That last sentence put shivers down my spine and a rolling list of things that need to be done spinning in my mind.   Okay, while my family is fantastic, but they are made up of “boy men”.  These are species that look like men, but have the mentality of a small child.  Their “get done” attitude is basically only when they aren’t playing video games or watching TV….which is never.  Yet, I was too sick to protest.

So, I rested, as instructed by the “boy men”.  In and out of consciousness I would ask the large “boy man” aka my husband, if the dogs had been taken out or have you all eaten.   It is highly probable that I have control issues and also, laughable that I would give up said control issues.

It is now Tuesday, and while I have improved, I am not 100 percent.  Through a lot of self care and self will, I am functioning. I do appreciate the attempt the “boy men” showed on my behalf. While not done my way, at least they showed up to care for me in the best way they know how.

Through this, I am learning patience with myself and knowingly understand, that when my body starts an uprising, it might be time to rest and refuel.  I am a work in progress, with a whole lot of work ahead of me.