Square Peg ● Round Hole







I was reminded yesterday of the three most powerful words in the English language.   It isn’t “I love you”, but it is something that constitutes a form of self love.   It is …….I am enough.  Are we a society relying on affirmation?  Do we gauge our success by a mere pat on the back?

For me, growing up, I never felt good enough.   It wasn’t necessarily anyone telling me that, it was an instinct or maybe my perception.   However, I came about that particular tape playing over and over in my head. It is still voicing its disapproval.  While my growth process has been steady in the last few years, I can’t help wonder why the message of not being enough still resonates at times with me.   For me, I really think it depends on the current status of my spiritual place.  If I am in a positive place, then it is easier for me to shut those tapes down, otherwise, it sounds like a broken record.

The fact that I am enough is becoming more comfortable for me.  No longer am I willing to put myself in a frame of mind that would dictate otherwise.  It is always a helpful reminder when those thoughts trickle in, I repeat a mantra: I am enough. I do enough and I am good enough.   This is a reminder that I am the one limiting my value and if I give my power away allowing others to defeat me emotionally, then I have some soul searching to do.