Square Peg ● Round Hole







I don’t know about you, but when I am walking through something difficult, I certainly welcome words of encouragement. For me, it is interesting the variety of responses one may receive when sharing your struggles.   Some are soothing.  Others are convinced if they tell you their war stories, that will somehow make you feel better.  After all, their experience far outweighs your issue.  Then there are, what I refer to as the “self soothers”.  These are the people who tell you that your situation can’t be unbearable or horrific, because THEY can’t handle anymore bad news.  Those are the people that I learn very quickly are unable to assist in a crisis.  All I am saying is that in a crisis, you want capable people who aren’t on the brink of their own emotional demise.

Recently, I shared some information with a friend, who quickly told someone else.  I was surprised when said person informed me that they are unable to hear one more bad thing. Funny thing, is that I didn’t share the information with her nor would I have.  That is my story to share. (Another topic for another blog.) The “self soothers” are not the people you want to attract to your corner. Their emotions are limited to what affects them.  I also am smart enough to know that it is probably the best that they can do, as their emotional toolbox is probably empty.

I am very reserved in my sharing.    It is with years of practice that I have figured out not everyone needs to know the latest breaking news in my life.