Square Peg ● Round Hole







I was humored last night as I listened to comedian Wanda Sykes reflect on why being “surprised” is so complicated once we get a certain age.  She was referring to a get away that her wife had planned.  Instead of being excited, she panicked.  Why, you ask?  It was simply because she didn’t have her items (long list, I might add).  Prescription medicines were one and while her wife was thoughtful in packing a pair of underwear and her toothbrush for the one night stay, Wanda was concerned about the need for two pairs in case of sneezing, laughing, or anything that would cause a tiny accident.

I laughed so hard by this scenario, but then I realized, that would be me.   The only spontaneous thing occurring in my life is getting old.  I can’t believe that I require so much maintenance to keep going.  There are my medicine including supplements plus more anti-aging serums for my droopy eye lids, crows feet, and any other face sag.  On top of that, I have several different types of tweezers to accommodate the beard that appears overnight.  Being spontaneous takes on a different meaning when you are in your twenties.   I do have spontaneity when it comes to the urge of bathroom going.   I guess that would be courtesy of my two lovely boys.

When did I become the lady who can’t wait until it’s dark to put on my pajamas or that staying out past 10 pm means a nap in the afternoon?  It is baffling to say the least, but I will say that while the aging process is a surprise, it does come with perks.  One being, I am no longer trying to impress anyone.   With age brings wisdom, and I am grateful to be out of the people pleasing stage.  Two, I am learning to accept my body.  The sagging boobs, butt, well, let’s just say, the sagging everything, has taught me that the only thing perky is my bladder.  It is constantly at attention.  Truly, I have finally accepted that I am never going to be a size two and my height will go down, not up.

So, while aging is not always graceful, I can find the humor in it and myself.  At least, my laugh isn’t sagging.