Square Peg ● Round Hole







We have all been there.   Putting one foot in front of the other in order to get to our destination.  Sometimes when we get there, the answers aren’t exactly what we were looking for, instead it becomes something even better or something completely unexpected.

For me, my journey is guided.  Recently, I have been led to make certain choices..  Full of faith, I have thoughtfully navigated my way to gather more information, so that I can make informed decisions.  Informed decision out of faith, not fear.  This is a totally new way of living my life.   Fear could propel me into a decision that wasn’t really right for me.  The aftermath could wreck havoc on my sanity and leave me with an abundance of questions.

It seems to come naturally at this point.  Simply taking one step at a time and not projecting my impression of the future.  Instead, focusing on the information that is right in front of me.  Waiting, somewhat patiently, for further instructions on how to proceed.

I am not sure when the shift occurred.  I only know that it is a powerful feeling simply living my life in a state of faith.  Inspired only to trust that I will be guided to do the next right thing.  For today, it is simply.  It may be a struggle tomorrow, as I am my biggest obstacle.   When I get out of the way, the answers come.