Square Peg ● Round Hole







I don’t know about the rest of the world, but my decision making skills may rival a tense negotiation with competing countries.  Visually, the inside of my head is a hamster wheel complete with a hamster and a whimsical dancing monkey.  My thoughts can turn into a three-ring circus.  With that being said, the toughest decisions are those I over think.

It all goes back to responding to a request with a quick “yes” when I really mean no.    If I have learned anything, it is trusting my gut.  Sometimes my gut request that I wait.  Pause, if you will, before jumping in feet first into the abyss.  Now that may seem dramatic, but decisions, no matter how insignificant, should always be weighed.

I tend to worry that I am making someone wait, while I reflect on my answer.  However, my ability to make better decisions has developed because of my ability to weigh my options.  It leads to a happier existence due to the fact that I have the power to choose what works for me.

When making a decision, I have to remember that not everyone will be thrilled with what I decide.  It is then that I am reminded it is not my responsibility how they react.    The only person I need to consider is me.