Square Peg ● Round Hole







Someone recently compared the inside of their head to a dim light bulb.   That image resonated with me as most of the time, my mind mimics a dark tunnel.   Last blog, I wrote about making decisions.  My thoughtful process sometimes hinders the outcome, but today, my light bulb grew bright.

I have been wrestling with a decision that would involve me in a situation where I don’t necessarily feel comfortable.  It borders on an issue of trust.   Sometimes, lack of forgiveness or resentment can cloud me.  In those cases, I made decisions based on feelings.   Feelings are feelings.  They are not facts.   Generally, though my “gut” provides a sufficient indicator of what I should do.   During this process, I made lists, talked to others, and prayed.

By listening to other share their experiences, I came to the conclusion that this particular offer wasn’t right for me.  I need to be true to myself first and working others agenda isn’t what inspires me.   So, the decision was made and executed.  I have blessed the opportunity.  Grateful it came my way as it allowed me to really pause and make a decision that works for me.