Square Peg ● Round Hole







Seemingly effortless, God unfolds my life.  It is His will that prepares me as I walk the journey.   Paths filled with thorns merge into paths filled with scenic views provide me with a basket full of opportunities.   These experiences create a masterpiece of collective scenes.

I am amazed at His patience.   It is with great ease that I dismiss the lessons in exchange for peace.  However, peace doesn’t pour into my life unless I embrace the lesson at hand.  I crave the simplistic way that I can participate without the uncomfortable feelings that accompany difficult situations.  I wonder if He is amused at the way I strive to manipulate events to suit my purpose.

I am merely a student learning from an esteemed teacher.   Being raised Catholic, I defected from my religion thinking that my relationship with my Higher Power came with conditions. What I am learning is that my bond with Him is evolving and every changing.  It is not dependent on any religious teaching, but an intimate evolution of trust.  He allows me wiggle room to try, try again until I get it or not.

Although I still am a practicing Catholic, I label myself a more spiritual being than a religious one.  While I am still learning to flow with my life, I do trust my GPS (God’s Planning System).  He does have a plan.  It really is better than mine could ever be, but I need to remember that.  God’s timing is always perfect.