Square Peg ● Round Hole







I have sent my family off for their annual Christmas trip to Florida.  For the last three years, I have taken a “time out” to rejuvenate my spirit and provide myself with a little alone time. While I miss the activity in the house and the interaction with my guys, it is imperative that I remove myself from the hustle and bustle of life just to exhale.

While there are many who can’t understand the premise of enjoying alone time, others envy me.  The decision was fairly easy as traveling during the holidays is not remotely appealing.  I need to decompress before starting a new year.    While my husband continues to invite me, he supports my new tradition.

I think it is important for women to take that time out.   While many find my actions “selfish”, it is a lesson in self-care.  The first couple of days are a little disjointed.  I wake up with a touch of confusion and no real plans.  Then I slowly ease into my own rhythm.  I spend the week reconnecting with my girlfriends, catching up on reading, and I immerse myself in the craft of writing.   There are no distractions, schedules, or obligations.  It is the freedom of enjoying my own company.

It also allows Brian time with his boys minus the managing mother.  The time away is a win-win for all involved.   By the end of the week, I am ready for my three favorite guys to come home.  Ready for the new year and grateful that I can set the example of what taking care of me looks like.