Square Peg ● Round Hole







Finding my truth, is simply being the best person that I can be.   Everyday, it looks different.  Sometimes my best is simply completing a simple task, while other times, it is accomplishing something grander.   I love the essence of curiosity that life offers me.   Still being curious, as an eager child would be, allows me to be open to a variety of experiences.

There are times that I wonder if this is all life is.  The same old routines and thoughts can make me feel stagnant.  Almost as if I were stuck in a mud pit unable to move.  Being stagnant, also puts me in a state of awareness that leads me to wanting to do it different.  It is almost walking through darkness in order to find my light….my truth.

Sometimes, I need to soak in the pool of uncertainty and cover myself with the unknown in order to do something different.  It is my process of becoming the best person that I can be that entices me to move forward.

Finding my source of truth, creativity and light, is a constant treasure hunt.   I can fool myself to thinking I am done with the hunt, but that is just a facade.  I am never done as there is so much more to my life that has yet to be revealed.