Square Peg ● Round Hole







So, another year is about to make an exit, while another year is on the doorstep.   I listen with amusement at all the people talking about how 2015 will be different because of their new resolutions.   Resolutions are unrealistic expectations.  It is a formula for failure.   Instead, I think about the new year on a day to day basis.  After all, I take life one day at a time, why on earth would I jump ahead and plan 365 days in advance?  The notion is crazy.

Instead, I allow myself a goal.  For 2014, I wanted to be more consistent in my recreational writing, so I started this blog.  I allowed myself to write when I felt the inspiration, rather than putting pressure on myself to write every day.   It created a dialogue within me that traveled onto the page.  There were weeks I didn’t write anything, and that was okay.  It opened the door for my creative process. No pressure, just baby steps.

Each day, not year, provides me with new opportunities to be a novice at something, make mistakes, then, God willing, there is another day after that, to try again.   The pressure that we put on ourselves to make the new year the “most amazing year ever” is laughable.  To me, every year, every day, every hour, and every minute is amazing.

For the last day of 2014, my wish for you is to love yourself as God already loves you.  Be grateful for everyday that is given to you because it is a gift.  Wrapped in a sparkling package with a big colorful bow, it beckons you not to waste time projecting into the future, but to behold what is right in front of you.   Happy New Day, friends!  Though the year may change, be thankful for the day!