Square Peg ● Round Hole







It has been a long, full week of distractions.   Distractions from writing my blog or from getting a list of things accomplished.  This is simply… life.   Life is full of distractions that deter us from our primary goal.  My primary goal is to lead a life that is full of happiness completely untarnished by hazards that appear.    Seems like a tall order, but some days, I am able to embrace that very concept.

While this week hasn’t brought unpleasant situations, there have been moments where I have thought too much or reacted without all the information.   It isn’t a perfect process, but one that doesn’t required as much thought as it use to.  I have mentioned before that it really isn’t about any given situation, it is all about the reaction you give to it.   When I don’t take time to pause and breath, any given event can act as a peace robber.

This week I haven’t taken the time to meditate, which is my way of decompressing from the adventures of my day.    Sometimes I make the excuse about not having enough time, but the reality is it is my responsibility to make the time.  Meditation eases the bumps and bruises that life can offer.  It allows me to “check in” with myself with no interruptions.   No phone.  No kids. No husband.  Nothing to distract me from my spiritual purpose.   Once I do that, life flows.   It is amazing how smooth my day goes when I make time to decompress.