Square Peg ● Round Hole







As the year comes to a close, it isn’t uncommon for me to reflect on the past year.   A year in review helps me learn and grow.  It allows me to diminish the “what ifs” and cater to my “why not” that dance in my head.

I love the thought of a new year.   It is a blank canvas that will soon be filled with opportunities and experiences.   Each canvas of the previous years, provides me with a backdrop for unlimited resources.  It is a library of life experiences that whisper pearls of wisdom.

Each year leaves me stronger.  Despite the challenges that fall in my path, I am not left broken.   My courage and strength act as bonding agents that secures me.  While there are times, I may feel shattered, it is only a matter of time before those feelings are overcome with a sense of hope.  With hope brings a scoop of serenity sprinkled with the confetti of faith.   The new year is a celebration of what is yet to come.