Square Peg ● Round Hole







I might be stepping out on a limb, but I have news that may rock your world.  As parents, we strive to show equality to our kids.  We tell them that we love them equally.  Can I just share the truth with you?  There is no way, at least for me, that I love my kids equally.  Why, you ask?  Well, it is simple.  They are both very different.  They bring a variety of gifts to the table and, frankly, there is simply no way to love individuals exactly the same.

As a parent of a special need kid, my attention has always gravitated toward Bailey.  He needed me more.  I have advocated for him in every aspect of his life from school needs to health issues.    He has taught me the art of being flexible and loving despite intolerance and indifference.  His essence is pure and while, he pushes the envelopes at times, he has shown me unconditional love like no other human being has.

My youngest, Bryce, continues to surprise me.   He is a 15 year old with a 40 year old mentality.  Smart and savvy, Bryce continues to demonstrate the unique ability of touching people he meets.  He is always full of gratitude and, frankly, walks with a lot of grace and dignity.   I am in awe of his ability to accept those who are different.  A lot of the credit can be given to being a sibling of a brother with Down syndrome, but he also inherited a great deal of compassion from my dad.

I remember my mom always trying to keep things “equal” between my sister and me.  That is unrealistic, at best.  Yes, we strive to balance the scales, so to speak, but it is inevitable that it tips, from time to time, in favor of one.   My kids know I do the best that I can.  In the end, they know they are loved and cherished.  The scale is always balanced in that area.