Square Peg ● Round Hole







I started my day hitting a rock which damaged one of my tires.  It spawned a resentment against a rock while I sat in the dealership waiting room.  I was pissed.   My thoughts were all about how this ruined my day.  A list of people that I needed to call to rearrange appointments streamed through my head.   I seriously wanted to pull the covers over my eyes and wait until tomorrow to emerge.  Then I took a breath.  I exhaled.  I regrouped and remembered, in the big picture of life, this is not even close to a catastrophe.

So, I came home after being told that my car would not be ready until Monday.  I rescheduled my appointments with ease and I regrouped.   For me, it is all about my interpretation of a situation.  I can either ruin my day with an exaggerated sense of entitlement or I can say thank you and proceed.  There is always a plan that God has in store.   Sometimes I just need to pause and reflect.

I came home and figured out how to make the day work to my advantage.   Canceled appointments allows me to get some things done around here.  Gratitude that my car event happened close by where I could get it to the dealership and that I wasn’t hurt when it happened.   It truly isn’t about the situation.  It is about how your react to it.