Square Peg ● Round Hole







So, I have been on my emotional cleanse for a few months.   For those of you new to my blog, I started to disengage myself from toxic relationships that no longer served any purpose.  As with any cleanse, it was difficult.  Now, several months into the process, I am feeling lighter and free.  The interesting thing is how people have noticed and commented on how different I seem.

I often talk of “God’s loving nudge” that urges me to do things differently.  His timing came at the ideal time.   One of the relationships has basically dissipated while the other has shifted into a more manageable exchange.   The reality is that while nothing about those individuals has changed, I have.   That is really the way to be successful in this endeavor.    It is all about my willingness to do something different.

I shared with some friends yesterday, that I have never been happier, more at peace, and lighter.  It is though I have lost hundreds of pounds of lead weight that has held me captive for years.. I know that I have changed, but having others acknowledge that is a true validation.