Square Peg ● Round Hole







Ah, a new year.  I was Rip Van Winkle and slept through the festivities of last night.  Oblivious to the hoopla and snuggled in my bed, I woke this morning with an odd sensation……this feels like any other day.  The difference is that we have a clean slate, a blank canvas, or whatever visual one needs to understand that a new year was given to us.

Part of the premise of a new year, allows us to look at the things we might want to change or improve on.  These are NOT to be confused with resolutions, but are realistic goals to look toward on our journey of self-discovery.

My goal each and every day, is to stop making assumptions about other people and to not take things personally.   Assumptions are notoriously wrong and build walls in relationships.  Taking things personally is basically feeding my ego and making me appear more important than I truly am.   This is a large task, but one that resonated with me.   Over thinking situations leads me down a dark path.  I soon become consumed over why people act a certain way and how hurt this makes me feel.  What I realize is that for one thing, I end up giving people way too much power and then I allow myself to think that these individuals hurt me on purpose.

It is a tangled web I weave for myself, but one, I hope to unravel.  For it is a process of trusting that everyone has their own story and their actions are only a reflection of them, not me.