Square Peg ● Round Hole







This may shock you, but I don’t like everyone.  In fact, more surprising, is that not everyone likes me.  Crazy, right?  (If you are reading this correctly, you will distinctly hear a sarcastic tone.)  As I grow older, I realize that though I might not like everyone, I shouldn’t discount their message.

It is difficult for me to genuinely listen to those individuals who don’t really have a prominent position in my life.   Especially when I distrust or simply don’t like the person.   However, some of the greatest messages that I have received have been from those very people.

The most important lesson that I can share is that by opening my heart and my ears, I become teachable.  My teachers come in all forms.   It could be as simple as the cashier at the grocery store or a new acquaintance.  For me, it usually comes from someone that is my “tool tester”.  That one person with whom I struggle with and that gets on my last good nerve.   Yes, it pains me to reveal that, but in essence, I hear the best when I am willing and walls of resistance have been broken.   Sounds simple, but I am stubborn, so this takes me some time and tremendous practice to really open to the teachable words that roll off the tongue.

I am a work in progress.  My hope is to welcome the messages from all who share and take what I like while leaving the rest.