Square Peg ● Round Hole







Yep, I started this day with a bad attitude.  It started with the reluctance of getting out of bed to taking the dogs outside in the below zero morning air only to watch them stare at me with the “what are we suppose to be doing” look.  My annoyance was raised with the sudden onset of flu-like symptoms my oldest son seems to be having to the slow pace my husband was moving.

We all can go there with gusto.   For me, I can allow this feeling of being annoyed to seep into my pores and take over my personality.  It’s like a mood cancer and, unfortunately, for those around me, I am a hoarder of irritation.  In other words, I have a hard time letting go.  There have been many days lost by my own attitude.  So what’s the solution?

Deep breathing, for one.  We spend most of our time shallow breathing.  Deep breaths allow for a calming in the body.  It is an instant reliever of the tension that can put a choke hold on every muscle.  Another revelation was that I can start my day over at anytime.   Really?  Why yes, that was a new concept for me.   I was under the impression that if my day started out on the wrong note, the day was lost.   It is up to me to shift my attitude into something more positive.

Once, my attitude shifts, the whole situation looks different.   I don’t have to “white knuckle” my way through the day.  Instead, I find the humor in the situation.   Today, for instance, I wondered how crazy I looked while ranting about how everyone is not following my rules.  The incessant bitching about how I do everything and let’s not forget the stopping around like a three year old.  Yep, I am lunatic, but I accept full responsibility for my actions.  Starting the day over sounds like a great idea, doesn’t it?