Square Peg ● Round Hole







For years, I was quiet.   Finding my voice has been just recent.  Oh sure, advocating for my special needs son was always second nature, but I am talking about advocating for me.    I think, I was worried people wouldn’t like me if I shared my opinion.  It was all about keeping the peace.   It is interesting that the older I get, the bolder I become.

Part of my self-care, entails making decisions that are good for me.  It isn’t easy to stray from the crowd, but if I taught  my boys anything, it is being true to yourself, far outweighs tagging along with popular opinion.    I spent too many years trying to fit in and even when I went along with the crowd, it didn’t fill me up.   As I have always said, I am the most important relationship in my life.  Being true to me comes first.

I applaud myself as I trust my gut and I celebrate my small victories of standing my ground.  And even after I say my peace, there is that tiny voice interjecting its disapproval and questioning why I didn’t keep my mouth shut.   The theory of people not liking me because of a different opinion is insane.  The core of me knows that the pure of heart individuals who value me, will still like maybe even love me anyway.  If they don’t, well maybe they weren’t worth my effort anyway.